Eq Story


Accessories can make more than a style statement. They can speak volumes, spread awareness, and drive change. Take something as simple as the safety pin: When worn on the outside of your clothes, the household item can be seen as a symbol of solidarity amid uncertain times. The humanKIND bracelet is a way to show your support + let others know you’re with them.

The Los Angeles Women’s March following the 2016 presidential inauguration inspired Leah Fredkin to found Equality Goods. Leah spent that day separated from her group of friends + wound up marching with strangers; women + men from all over the world, united for a cause + bonded by belief. After the march, she celebrated with her newfound friends. This empowered, diverse group of people shared one commonality; a safety pin fastened to their clothing. It was this notion that sparked the idea for a fashion-forward brand that represents equality + civil liberty for all humanKIND. It is one small symbol of hope that can help inspire us to mend the seams of society.

Style + social good are not mutually exclusive — Equality Goods is more than an accessory... It's a call to action.